Anti-addiction Capsule


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Suitable for:

People who are addicted to a drug(s) and alcoholism
People who are going through drug rehabilitation
People who are addicted to smoking and drug
Green World Anti-addiction capsule can effectively relieve the excitement in the normal state or caused by caffeine, it eases pain, resists convulsion, lowers body temperature, and reduces blood pressure. It can decrease the desire for drugs and any form of addiction to alcoholism or smoking.
Green world anti-addiction capsule help people escape from the drug and recuperate by strengthening their immunity.
It resists relapse. It is non-addictive and has no side effects.


Characteristics and Benefits:

1. Relieves withdrawal syndrome and complications during drug rehabilitation
2. Supplements liver and kidney, reduces the damage caused by drug addiction;
3. Relieves pain and mental stress caused by drug addiction and withdrawal syndromes.


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