Weight Loss Package: Express Slimming Supplements

Green World Weight Loss Package provides a healthy and natural approach to weight loss – herbal supplements that will help you trim down faster. This Package contains everything in one place to lose weight and get nutrients

Green World Weight Loss Package

Green World Weight Loss Package provides a healthy and natural approach to weight loss – herbal supplements that will help you trim down faster. With Green World Weight Loss Package, you’ll have everything in one place to lose weight and get slim.

For those who had tried to lose weight before without success or for those who are trying for the first time and not sure of what they need, the Weight loss package is the ideal package for them.

The combination of these products can enhance your result dramatically within 3 weeks and give you a complete rest of mind. The following are recommended packages for losing weight fast by the expert. You receive the following items:

Slimming Capsule

Chitosan plus capsule

Clear Cjj Fresh Drink

Pro-Slim Tea

Lipid care Tea/Intestine Cleansing Tea

Health Benefit Of Green World Weight Loss Package

Green World Pro-Slim Tea

 The natural ingredient in this product, on one hand, can prevent the absorption of fats and in another hand can accelerate the metabolism and excretion of stored body fat. This product is a natural herbal blend with a great effect on reducing the percentage of fat in the body.

Slimming capsule 

This product can help you lost weight by enhancing the digesting system, strengthening bowel movement, and accelerating the excretion of toxins and fat. It is a natural herbal formula that helps you to lose weight safely and steadily by regulating the overall function of the body.

This product contains no hormones and has no adverse effects.

Lipid Care Tea 

Obese people are more vulnerable to high blood pressure and high blood lipid. Green World Lipid Care Tea can regulate blood circulation, blood pressure. It lowers blood viscosity through the dilution and dissolution of lipid substances in the blood. Therefore it accelerates the fat metabolism through the boosting of liver function.

Clear CJJ Fresh Drink

This product helps colon detoxification and creates a friendly environment in the large intestine for a balanced intestinal flora.

It reduces the production of toxins and promotes toxin excretion

Intestine Cleansing Tea 

This product is able to soften dry and hard stool, improve bowel movement and accelerate fat excretion from the intestine. It preserves a youthful look by removing toxins; eliminates unpleasant breath. It promotes normal bowel movement; supplements and balances nutrients.

Chitosan Capsule 

Chitosan is called “the sixth element of life”. It relaxes the bowels, nourishes the intestines, adsorbs heavy metal ions. Help to remove the metabolism waste and oxygen toxin in the blood vessel, restrain the absorption of glucose in the blood. Decrease blood fat and blood sugar. It helps with weight loss through the interaction and limitation of fat absorption.

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